Darling Tori Curl - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling Tori Curl - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling Tori Curl - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling Tori Curl - The Diva Shop ZA

    Darling Tori Curl

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      Get your hands on our classic Tori Curl collection. Featuring a full definition curl and a versatile style, this beautiful crochet style is pre-curled. This style is suitable for every occasion and season. Ideal for quick, easy, natural-looking protective styles. Still looking out for a perfect style? Your quest ends here.
      Length : 12 Inch |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 1
      Size: Medium | Texture: Smooth
      Styling Tip
      To remove build-up and keep your hair and scalp healthy and fresh, wash it no more than once a week with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo that won’t leave residue. Towel dry and avoid heat at all times. Use your fingers to detangle. To add moisture and shine on your own hair and scalp use African Pride braid sheen spray twice a week. This will help relieve dryness, itchiness and flaking of the scalp. Before going to bed wear a silk night cap to prevent damage. Wear a swimming cap when swimming and if hair comes into contact with pool or sea water rinse off thoroughly, condition, rinse and moisturise.
      Any special hair tips for Tori Curl?
      To enjoy the best results of using this product, moisturize your scalp to avoid a dry or chafing skin. The best way to keep your extensions tangle-free is regular brushing. Always have a paddle brush on hand so that even when you’re out and about you can still give your hair a quick run through. The more you wash and style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so keep washing and using additional products to a minimum.
      What hair length is Tori Curl best suited for?
      Tori Curl can be used on various hair lengths, however, using it on a medium length hair will enable you to achieve the ideal result you’re looking for.
      What is the texture and style of Tori Curl?
      If you’re someone who loves your hair to be soft and smooth, then Tori Curl will be your right choice. Tori Curl will help you achieve a smooth and luscious texture to your hair.
      How to style Tori Curl?
      To get the best out this hair piece you can crochet it, braid it into curly faux locs or fix into a faux locs or afro pony tail.