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    Darling Soft Dread Naturals

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      Our beautiful soft dred, long defined natural-looking curly spirals in crochet style is just the one for you. Our long-defined natural-looking curly spirals come in 5 natural colors - Natural black, natural brown, natural black mixed with reddish-brown, blonde and rich brown. The best part is that these beauties blend well with natural hair and are super low maintenance.
      Length : 16 Inch |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 2
      Size: Medium | Texture: Smooth
      Styling Tip
      To add moisture and shine to your own hair and scalp use our African pride braid spray twice a week. Before going to bed, we recommend wearing a silk nightcap to prevent any damage. While swimming wears a swimming cap and if at all the hair comes in contact with the chlorine or salty water make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly before conditioning and moisturizing.
      How to remove build-up?
      To keep your hair and scalp healthy and fresh at all times, wash it not more than once a week with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo as it won’t leave a residue. Dry your braids with a towel and avoid direct heat at all times. Use your fingers to detangle.
      How to style soft dred crochet pack?
      To achieve any dynamic look try starting with patterned cornrows in the front and allow the lengths to showcase the curls. If you need to achieve a shorter style for summer, cut your dred shorter and shape them into an asymmetrical bob.
      How to maintain and take care of this style daily?
      Wash your hair once a week with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo to keep them clean, smelling nice and free of any foreign objects. It is vital to thoroughly dry your hair after washing it or after your locks get wet. Damp hair will eventually begin to smell musty. On days, when you need a shower but do not have enough time to wash and dry thoroughly, using a shower cap, is highly recommended.
      What is the texture of the soft red value pack?
      Darling chooses only the finest fibers for you to obtain your desired style effortlessly. Our curly spirals have a silky smooth texture and come in a ready-to-use box. All our crochet styles are easy to wear. It has an immense lightweight and texture which is convenient and comfortable to carry all day.