Darling - Passion Twist Value Pack - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling - Passion Twist Value Pack - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling - Passion Twist Value Pack - The Diva Shop ZA
Darling - Passion Twist Value Pack - The Diva Shop ZA

    Darling - Passion Twist Value Pack

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      Shop our Classic Crochet Passion Twist that is trendy, beautiful, classy, economical, and easy to install. Its soft and tangle-free fiber is not only lightweight but also very convenient and low maintenance. The luscious texture of our Passion Twist is made of 100% high-quality fiber that doesn’t shed nor smells. This classic crochet style is greatly loved by our customers for its supreme quality and elegance. Our Pasion twist is Long-lasting and detangled, hence it will save you much more time to separate, twist and install.
      Length : 30 Inch |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 4
      Size: Long | Texture: Smooth
      Styling Tip
      Being long-lasting in nature, our passion twist doesn’t require high maintenance. Condition and oil your hair frequently to keep the frizziness away. All you need to do is take some oil on your palms and gently run it through the length of your hair. Sleeping with a silk nightcap is highly recommended.
      How to remove build-up?
      Keep your hair detangled at all times and exfoliate your scalp frequently. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner that suits your scalp is vital. To avoid dryness and itchiness, moisturize your scalp to continue to make it look fresh and shiny.
      How to style Passion Twist?
      Passion Twist - the quick quirky crochet style can be styled in a number of ways. Be it for a wedding, formal parties, or just a casual outing. You can rock a solid pondo style, passion cornrows, natural twists, and spring twists. Can be worn both ways either short or long.
      How to maintain and take care of this style daily?
      Passion Twist is Easy to maintain, super soft, lightweight, tangle-free, itch-free, shedding free and non-smelly. The best part is that being skin-friendly by nature it doesn’t really need a lot of maintenance. The installation method of our Passion Twist is in the crochet method - the pick and twist braid method. Passion Twist goes exceptionally well with our TCB Nourishing Hair food. Daily use of this will replenish natural oils and add shine and softness to your hair.
      What is the texture of Passion Twist?
      The texture and quite literally the physical property of this product is highly similar to real hair, you just can’t tell the difference. Super soft, non-smelly, tangle-free and non-itchy.