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Darling Sesi Braid
Darling Sesi Braid
Darling Sesi Braid
Darling Sesi Braid

    Darling Sesi Braid

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      Beautiful pre braided style, with cascading curled ends. Seamless application, Quick & easy.
      Length : 21" |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 1
      Size: Long | Texture: Natural Feel Braid with Curled Ends
      Styling Tips
      To avoid dry and itchy scalp apply a light moisturizer to your scalp. To keep your extensions looking great and fresh, cover your hair with a scarf when sleeping.
      How to get the look

      1) Wash and dry your hair 

      2) Put your natural hair into cornrows 3) 

      Insert the crochet hair piece through the needle and latch the hair extension. 

      4) Pull the hair extension through the cornrow 

      5) Use your fingers to open up the loop and pull the ends through 

      6) Move up to the next layer of your cornrows and continue to add extensions. 

      7) Once you complete a full head, style as desired.

      How to remove build up?
      Keep your hair and scalp healthy and fresh, wash it no more than once a week with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo that won't leave a residue. Towel dry the braids and avoid heat at all times. Use your fingers to detangle.
      Can it be dyed?