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Darling - Mambo Curl
Darling - Mambo Curl
Darling - Mambo Curl
Darling - Mambo Curl
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    Darling - Mambo Curl

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      Stylish and versatile, long lasting, pre-curled, wavy curls
      Length : 15 Inch |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 1
      Size: Medium | Texture: Smooth
      Styling Tips
      Use your fingers to shape or style as desired. Moisturize your scalp to avoid dryness and dandruff. Treat and condition your hair for healthy scalp and strong hair.
      Does it come with closure?
      No, it does not.
      Can it be turned into a wig?
      Yes it can.
      How long will the hair last for?
      Depending on the individual the lifespan of high temp fibre differs and also the curly fibre is more likely to have a shorter lifespan than straight (3 to 6 months).
      How do I maintain the hair?
      Like any other human hair, it is important to wash the hair every 2-3 weeks to remove any build-up or dirt. Blow-dry and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a little bit of serum to restore and maintain a natural shine. Sleep with silk or satin scarf at night.
      How many are in a pack?
      They all have 3 bundles.
      How much does it cost?
      We are unable to give you an exact price as the prices vary at each retailer. You’ll need to go our online stores (Style Diva or Splendit) or in-store to get the price.
      Can it be dyed?
      Empress cannot be coloured or dyed as it is high temp fibre and not human hair, therefore, it does not have cuticles to take in a colour.
      How to get the short style?
      Getting a short style requires marking the desired length then cutting below that mark not exactly on the mark (you can always cut more if needed but if you cut too much the 1st time there’s no going back)then style.
      Can it be straightened?
      Yes, up to 150 degrees.
      Can it be straightened?
      Yes, up to 150 degrees.